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In the City of Bellaire, Harris County, Texas, thousands of gallons of water get wasted each month. It has been estimated that even a couple of drops can amount to over 1,500 gallons lost to water leak per home every year. One common contributor to this loss is a leaking water heater.


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Leaking Shower Repaired

We can help you fix a leak easily because we know what problem areas to look for and how to repair them. If your tank has holes in the bottom and it is more than 8 years old, it is highly recommended that you replace it. We also do installation and can help you identify a suitable unit for your home. Give us a call today and we will help lower your utility bills by stopping water leak. A leaking shower may pose several challenges including lowered water pressure, which may affect your overall experience. It could do worse things including damaging the house frames behind the walls and if ignored could lead to mold of walls damage. You can contain this problem easily by calling our plumbers to help you stop water leak.

Leaking Water Heater Problems Fixed

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If you are confronted with hot water tank leaking issues, we will be glad to assess whether repairs will be necessary or replacement is the best option. If you have an old unit that is a decade old, it might be cost effective to buy a new one. This could lower your energy bills since it is more efficient. If you need professional services for water leak, we will provide them to you. If water heater leaking from top is the issue you are experiencing, our plumbers will be able to tighten the inlet and outlet connection. If this is the problem, this is an easy fix. But you may need an overall assessment of your tank to see if you don’t have water leak at the rim. You can be rest assured that we will recommend a solution that is both cheap to repair and one that gives you the best value.

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